September 28 2016 Minutes  
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September 28, 2016 - Special Board Meeting to Review Budget for 2016-2017

Members Attending: Norm G.,Diane G., Janice A., Abby O., Dick F.,Allen G.,Liz H., Eric D., Barbara R., Barry C., Peter D.

Non-Board Members Attending: Dennis P., Dan A., Darlene F.

Special All Member Vote on Policy and Procedures

At the regular meeting, preceeding the board meeting, there was a unanimous vote by 43 members to adopt the changes in our policies and procedures. Once Kiwanis International approves of our changes, the document will be posted on this website for easy reference in the Members Only section. President Janice has submitted the document to International and we can expect a decision in six weeks or so. The motion to accept the changes to our policies and procedures was made by Peter Deveau and seconded by John Bruni. All were in favor.

New Business

As this was a special board meeting, no report from the treasurer was distributed.

A motion was made to include in these minutes the result of an email dicussion among board members to share the income and revenue of the Autumn Express with Habitat for Humanity. First: Abby, Second: Barbara. All in favor.

The request for assistance from Believe in Books was revisited. This had been tabled from a previous meeting. Barbara, acting as speaker chair, will ask them to speak to the club.

Budget Overview

Janice presented an overview of her budget. Income is expected to be the same as last year but we will be sharing income and expenses with Habitat for the Autumn Express. We hope more tickets will be sold with the addition of Habitat.

Our K Kid and Builder Clubs were all listed with equal amounts of $600. Of this amount, $180 goes to International to register the clubs. The remaining is spent on supplies, snacks and buses. Some of these clubs may qualify for Project Succeed monies so it is difficult to estimate how much each individual club is goig to need. Club advisors are encouraged to return to the board for more funds if necessary,

A line item for background checks is now part of our budget, We estimate our club might have to pay for 12 checks at $25 each for a total of $300.

The Key Club budget is set at $13,000. Any unused monies return to the charitable account. If more money is needed, Barry is advised to come to the board for assistance.

Five organizations who have received funds from us under the heading of Unallocated Funds have been added to the budget. This removes the need for board discussion. These organizations are: Camp Sunshine, Kismet  Rock Foundation, Robotics Club. School to Career Summer Camp and North Country Cares.

The budget includes seven scholarships at $2000 each. Two are from the Hal Kenney fund, one is from the Sandy Smith fund and four are from our charitable account.

The maximum budget for Shooting Stars committee is $5000. The amount of awards will depend on the request amounts and donations made by private individuals, businesses or other organizations to satisfy a request. Award amounts exceeding $500 require prior apporval of Board. The committee will report to the Board on a quarterly basis.

The maximum budget for the Assett Allocation Committee is $25,000. The Board must approve any recommendations made by the committee.

There is a line item of $900 for Happy Dollars and a 50/50 raffle at each meeting.

A discussion was held on whether or not the dues portion of $17 per membr that is required to be paid to International should come out of the Administrative or Charitable account. The end result was it will remain in Administrative but we will consider changing this in the future if our Admiistrative budget continues to be insufficient.

A motion was made to accept the 2016-2017 budget. First Eric. Second Barbara. All in favor.

The Board has approved a President's Discretionary Fund. This addresses the need for quick action on a request during the summer or for some other reason. The money would come from the Charitable account and any expenditures would be reported at the next board meeting. Motion to add President's Discretionary Fund. First Barbara, Second: Peter. All in favor.

Three Expenditures on 2015-2016 Budget Year

Motion to support KHS Stage Band by buying an ad for $100. First Peter, Second Diane. All in favor.

Motion to fund five families for a total of $150 so their children can participate in Project Succeed. The request came from John Fuller School Family Liaison employee. Motion made and then amended by Abby to be paid only if funds are not available from Project Succeed for these families, Second: Barbara. All in favor.

Motion to award Laura Foundation who sponsors Halloween Town $500 to be a named Gentle Giant Donor. This is in addition to a previous donation of $500 over the summer directly to Laura Foundation.

Other Business

Eric reported that the Boosters booth freezer at the high school is not working. We may be asked for assistance. Norm will investigate.

Barry inquired about the protocol for the use of photos with Key Club members in them. Abby will send Barry the permission slip used by Passport Book committee to get parental permission for use of photos.

The next board meeting is October 19.

Motion to adjourn at 9:40 p.m. First Abby, Second Eric. All in favor.

Notes taken by Liz Hughes.






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