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March 8, 2017 Minutes  

February Secretary’s Report:

February Treasurer’s Report:

Asset Allocation Committee Report was presented by Barbara Reilly.

After many hours of dedicated hard work and vigilant vetting of grant applications, the Asset Allocation Committee (AAC) is proud to announce the following four programs that will receive a grant this year:

The Laura Foundation:  $9,000.00. 
This grant will be used for its 2017 Three-Part Summer Program to benefit school-aged children with disabilities in the Mount Washington Valley. This includes the equine program (riding instruction and a recreational therapist).  The program is offered at no cost to the participants.  Grant money will also assist with the building of a multi-purpose barn, which will include a sports floor, a climbing wall and two horse stalls.

Vaughan Community Service, Inc.:  $5,000.00. 
The Vaughan Community Center provides children with a high-quality curriculum and enriching playtime.  An integral part of this program is having the children spend much of their time outdoors.  The grant will be used toward the purchase and installation of playground equipment to enhance the current playground at the Vaughan Learning Center.

North Country Cares:  $3,500.00. 
The Revolving Closet and the Yearly Backpack Giveaway fall under this organization.  The grant will be used to fund the cost incurred for the backpacks and supplies to fill them as well as to defray the costs associated with the “Parent Shopping Night” held in December at the Revolving Closet.  This event makes it possible for parents to shop for their teens during the holiday season.  New this past year was the option for parents to fill a stocking for each child.  Monies will also go toward the purchase of items for these stockings. 

Crossings-Child Bereavement Program though the VNA and Hospice:  $5,000.00.  This program will provide peer-based support for children giving them life skills to cope with grief and loss and setting the stage for better life outcomes.  The program recently received wonderful news that they will be calling the Children’s Museum home to their bereavement groups.  They will also be able to use the space for their intake process so families will meet their volunteer facilitators in the same location from the start of contact, which is ideal for establishing emotional safety and connection with kids.

The AAC is awarding a total of $22,500.00 in grants from the $25,000.00 that was budgeted.  The AAC is honored and happy to steward the funds on behalf of Kiwanis.  Without the membership’s hard work and selfless acts, we would not have the money to give.  We thank for you for this opportunity.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara A. Reilly, Chair
Staci Blair
Peter Deveau
Anne Ficke
Pete Levesque
Kerry MacDougall

Conflict of Interest signed sheets were returned by board members.

Donation Requests—

An award of $1000 to the high school HOSA group to attend competition at Dartmouth for students entering healthcare professions was approved by email vote due to time constraints.

Kiwanis Faculty Advisors will be given $100 gift certificates to either TJ Maxx or Home Goods at the appreciation night.

A request from a student to go on a trip to Bali was denied because the reference letter was out of date. First motion made by Peter, second by Russ, all in favor. Russ will follow up with the student.

The tabled item of a scoreboard for KHS was revisited. The funds have already been acquired so there is no action.

An award of $2000 was made to NH Children's Trust. First montion by Russ, second by Dick. All in favor.

Liz reported that the Shooting Star Fund will be awarding funds so a child can swim at the Purity Spring pool and a student can take driver's education. The committee feels the form used by the former Shooting Star organization asked for too much information so it will be redone. Liz also asked for a motion to shred old documents relating to past Shooting Star donations. Motion to shred by Joe, second by Allen. All in favor. Liz also asked if two former club members could remain on committee as they have an intersest in the work. The leadership was in agreement that they could remain.

Kiwanis International has done a new logo for us. There was a motion to accept the logo from KI. Motion by Russ, second by Barry. 11 in favor. 1 not in favor.

President Janice said she used $79.41 from her discretionary fund to pay for the KHS Music Dept to perform at a Jackson Cross Country ski event.

A family is organizing a road race in Jackson in memory of their child, Katy M. Murphy, to raise funds for Boston Children's Hospital. Since the details of the race are not available, the board discussed making a direct donation to the hospital. Motion by Dick to donate $250 to Boston Children's Hospital., second by Peter. All in favor. The family will be informed.

A moiton was made by Allen to donate $1000 for expenses towards the MWV Science and Technology Fair at the high school, second by Barry, all in favor.

A sixth grade girl from Jackson who is interested in math wants to participate in the John Hopkin's University Center Program for Talented Youth (Online Advanced Math Program) for eight weeks. Motion by Barry to donate $800, second by Joe, all in favor.

A request was received from the MWV Young Professional Group asking for a donation to their scholarshp program to reduce student debt. They are being referred to our club scholarship committee which does make awards to adults. Allen will follow up with them.

Valley Vision is replacing Scholar Bowl with a Trivia Show. Motion to donate $125 by Allen, second by Barry, all in favor.