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Kiwanis Board Meeting
April 12th, 2017

Board Members in Attendance:

  • Norm Gamache, Diane Gamache, Liz Hughes, Abby O’Haire, Joan Kenney, Dick Ficke, Janice Andrews, Joe Kwasnik, Russ Griffin, Barbara Reilly, Barry Chisholm
  • Non-board members attending: Tim George, Dan Andrews

Call to Order:

  • Janice called the meeting called to order at 7:48 p.m.

March Secretary’s Report:

  • Motion to accept the report as is.
  • First made by Joe, second made by Barbara. Motion passes. All in favor.

March Treasurer’s Report:

  • Janice presented the report in Allen's absence. There was discussion regarding spending more money on scholarships.
  • Motion to accept the report as is.First made by Joe, second made by Barbara. Motion passes. All in favor.

New Members

Tim George presented two candidates for membership. He is their sponsor.

Motion to accept Vikki Corbridge as a new member. First motion by Barbara, Second by Liz. Motion passes. All in favor.

Motion to accept Marci Drew as a new member. First motion by Barbara, Second by Norm. Motion passes. All in favor.


Previous Requests Revisited:

  • A student who was looking to study in Bali was contacted for references but did not respond. The request will no longer be considered.
  • The Young Professionals Group asked for help in reducing the educational debt incurred by members. Motion to award a $1000 grant towards debt reduction for an educator working in the valley. Money to be paid directly to the lender. Funds to come from the Hal Kenney fund.Recipient selected by Young Professionals. First by Russ, second by Diane. Motion passes. All in favor except for one abstention. After further discussion motion amended to award three grants with the same restrictions.First by Russ, second by Joe. Motion passes. All in favor with one abstention.

Shooting Star Fund:Liz udpated the board that she had informed the adminstration of SAU 9 that MWV Kiwanis was now operating the fund.

New Membership Dues Change: Norm presented a plan for prorating the dues amount to reflect when during a year a person joins. Motion to accept new plan. First by Barry, second by Dick. Motion passes. All in favor.

Membership Survey: Dan presented an update on the surveys given to former and current members under age 40. The board would like the results presented to the entire membership as a Power Point at a future meeting for discussion and suggestions.

Donation Requests—

A Key Club student requested financial help to attend a science based summer school at Yale University called Explo 360. The cost is $6500. Motion to award $3200. First by Joe, second by Russ. Motion passes with one abstention. The actual amount was reduced to $1900 when it was learned the student had raised more funds to contribute.

Motion to donate $200 to Camp Spaulding. The camp is run by Child and Family Services. First by Joe, second by Liz. All in favor.

Other distributions made this month per our budget include:

Cal Ripken Royals and Diamondbacks $1000

MWVCT Scholarship $750

MWV Bicycling Club (helmets) $300

Two Dental Hygenists received $200 each from Dental Fund for volunteering their time to our dental program.

Other Discussions—

Kiwanis International wishes that each club establish an I-Plan which is a road map for the future to make our club better and more vital to our community. Janice worked with John Bruni and Peter Deveau to come up with a process. They have suggested using an outside consultant who could be objective. At the next board meeting, board members will discuss John and Peter's ideas and decide a direction to accomplish the I-Plan for our club. More information on the I-Plan can be found on the Kiwanis International website www.kiwanis.org.


  • Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:01 p.m. First made by Abby, second made by Norm.Motion passes. All in favor.