September 14, 2016 Minutes  
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September 14, 2016 - Board Meeting

Members Attending: Tim G., Norm G.,Diane G.,Joan K., Janice A., Abby O., Dick F.,Dan A.,Liz H., Barbara R., Joe K.

Non-Board Member Attending: Peter D., Barry C.

The Board Meeting started at 8 p.m.

Minutes from June 6 Meeting were discussed.

Dan requested that the notes for tonight's meeting on September 14 continue to reflect Dennis' work as auditor of the books, and that a thank you letter be forthcoming. After discussion, on a motion by Barbara, and seconded by Diane, the minutes were approved. All in favor.

Minutes from September 6 Meeting were discussed.

Question arose again on the policy for members more than two months in arrears on dues. Dan confirmed after a call to KI that to reistate a member will cost $50 after six months have passed as determined by Kiwanis International. It is up to the individual club to decide if the member is in good standing and can be reinstated.

A motion was made by Abby,  seconded by Barbara, and all were in favor that a member can be reinstated if club determines that person to be in good standing.

There were questions again on Background Checks and wording about who needs to be checked - ONLY SLP (Service Leadership Program) leaders HAVE to be checked. All others are at the discretion of the MWV Board. This needs to be clarified in the policy and procedures paperwork.  KI does not require all members to have background checks.

Motion was made by Janice, seconded by Abby, to amend the September 6 special board minutes to reflect this clarification. All in favor.  -

The rest of the minutes, as amended, were passed, on a motion by Abby, seconded by Diane. All in favor.

Treasurer's  Report :in the absence of Allen, Norm presented the Report.

Dan raised a question about the $2500 paid for the new trophy case for Key Club at Kennett  -  "this was not a line item in your budget, this should have been brought to the Board" After much discussion - Barry thought he did the right thing - checked with Norm - researched - got a good deal - Allen wrote check.

A motion was made by Tim,  seconded by Liz,  to accept the Treasurer's Report.

                  Requests :
                     1  -  Laura Foundation  -  funding or assistance for Halloween Town  -  they had been given a check for $500 recently -Norm will check to see where that money was directed.

                      2 -  Believe In Books Foundation - doing tours to "all 49 schools in the MWV area" donating books, doing activities.  Questions on what we had done in the recent past with/for them  -  decided to table this item. Barbara will see if they would be willing to speak at a meeting.

                 Up-Coming Governor's visit to the District - the four clubs in the district have been asked to chip in for a gift for the Governor and to pay for the meals for he and his wife - this would amount to about 35-50 dollars for each club.

A motion was made by Abby,  seconded by Barbara, to give up to a maximum of $50 for the gift and meals. All in favor.

Janice reminded everyone that the Autumn Express is a Joint Venture between MWV Kiwanis and Habitat for Humanity.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35, on a motion by Tim, seconded by Abby. All in favor.

NOTE  -  as of the Sept. 28 meeting, Tuckerman's is going up to $19.00 for their meals.  This should be relayed to the members.




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