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October 2016 Minutes  
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Board Meeting
October 19, 2016

  • Board Members Attending: Norm Gamache, Janice Andrews, Abby O’Haire,
    Allen Gould, Eric Dziedzic, Dick Ficke, Diane Gamache, Joe Kwasnik, Barbara Reilly, Liz Hughes, Dan Andrews, Eric Dziedzic, Joan Kenney, Peter Deveau

  • Non-Board Member attending:Dan Andrews
  • Meeting called to order 7:45 p.m.


    1. Secretary’s Report: Abby makes a motion to accept Secretary’s Report; second made by Liz. All in favor.

    2. Treasurer’s Report: Abby makes a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; second made by Norm. All in favor.

    3. No Project Succeed donation from us is going to be needed as they received enough funding.

    4. The Pine Tree Family liasion requested assistance for special transition glasses for a student. We advised the liasion follow up with Lions Club and insurance and if the need was still there to get back to us with the cost of the special glasses.

    5. The request was discussed from Believe in Books to provide assistance for their book tours. Barbara will investigtae what percent of the tours are in the valley.The request was tabled again.

    6. KHS Stage Band Ad - our contribution voted last month will go to a student who needs assistance to participate in the trip to Disney

    7. Conflict of Interest Policy - we received a letter from the state from the department that recognizes us as a membr in good standing as a non-profit organization reminding us to have a conflict of interest policy. We do not seem to have one in our by-laws. Janice will talk to the New Engand Governor and International to see if there is wording available to add to our policies. We submit an annual report in Feb to state to continue as a member in good standing as a non-profit.

    8. Kiwanis Crime Insurance Program - We received a letter from Kiwanis International asking if we wanted to purchase additional crime insurance. We currently have director and officer liability insurance as part of our club insurance-Allen will study this and see what, if any, changes are needed.

    1. Membership Update - Norm said we currently have 66 members, three have not returned: Greg Garrick, Joe Gammon and Jim McMillan.

    2. New Member - A motion was made by Eric and seconded by Diane to welcome Barbara Plonski into membershp. All in favor.

    1. New Member - A motion was made by Allen and seconded by Abby to welcome Mike Abarelli into membershp. All in favor.

    2. The Asset Allocation Committee met on Oct 17 to find new groups to help out. They will have a report at a future meeting. Barbara wants to know if a board member has a group in mind that might need funds.

    Meeting adjourned 8:50 p.m. Motion made by Norm, second by Joe. All in favor. The next meeting in Nov. 16.

  • Notes taken by Joan Kenney