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November 2016 Minutes  
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Nov. 16, 2016 Board Meeting

  • Meeting Called to order at 7:40 PM.  Board Members Attending: Liz Hughes, Diane Gamache, Peter Deveau, Norm Gamache Joan Kenney, Abby O'Haire, Janice Andrews, Allen Gould, Dick Ficke, Barry Chisholm, Russ Griffin
  • Non-Board Member attending: Dan Andrews
  • Secretary’s report unanimously accepted; motion Diane, seconded by Liz
  • Treasurer's Report unanimously accepted; motion by Norm and seconded by Liz
  • The Believe in Books request was revisited. After much discussion the board decided not to contribute at this time. The organization will be contacted.
  • The need for a written Conflict of Interest Policy was revisited. We will use models from Shooting Star, Habitat and KI to develop one. Dick F and Janice are working on this.
  • Allen will send KI $125 for Crime Insurance for the club.
  • By-Laws - KI has accepted our by-laws with one exception. KI only recognizes dues for a single person. Changes to dues structures are done at the individual club level only.
  • Mt. Washington Observatory has a new program called Arctic Wednesdays running from January through March. Teachers will go to the summit and do a simulcast about weather with their students. They were looking for donations to help teachers fund their participation. The cost is $200 per teacher. Motion by Peter and seconded by Diane to give $500 to the Observatory in support of the program. Abby is going to be one of the teachers. Her participation has already been paid for. All in favor with one abstention.
  • The Gibson Center requested donations to help with their programs for seniors. A motion made by Norm and seconded by Peter to give $500. All in favor. We have supported Gibson in the past.
  • MDA Summer Camp - a request was received for donations to send a child to a one-week camp in Maine. We will investigate further by finding out what towns in MWV participate and how many children are serviced.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m. by motion from Allen and second by Joan

Thank you goes to Joan Kenney for taking minutes.

The next board meeting is Dec 14.