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December 2016 Minutes  
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Board Minutes
December 14, 2016

Board Members Attending: Joan Kenney, Norm Gamache, Allen Gould, Dick Ficke, Diane Gamache, Abby O'Haire, Liz Hughes, Janice Andrews, Joe Kwasnik, Eric Dziedzic, Peter Deveau, Barry Chisholm

Non-Board Member Attending: Dan Andrews


Motion to accept Secretary's report for November with changes noted. Changes to correct two spelling errors, note that Dan attended as a non-board member, and add that Abby will be one of the teachers conducting class from the summit of Mt. Washington.

First Abby

Second Diane

All in favor.

Motion to accept Treasurer's report for November with corrections. Corrections were to move $105.52 for meals to an expense category.

First Barry

Second Abby

All in favor.

The motion will continue to be tabled regarding funds for MD Summer Camperships. Janice found out that 16 people from valley attend but we do not know if any of them are children. More information will be forthcoming

Dick F and Peter have samples of Conflict of Interest policies that our club can use to create our own. Dick and Peter will come up with a draft for the board to consider.

Motion made to welcome Emilie Lariviere into membership. She will be a corporate member from Eagle Mountain House.

First Liz

Second Allen

All in favor.

Motion made to contribute an additional $1000 to $500 already in the budget for the KHS Stage Band to provide funds to send one student on trip to perform at Disney World. Total cost for one student is $1600.

First Bary

Second Diane

All in favor

Request fro NH Children's Trust was tabled until after we hear from speaker in January 2017.

The next meeting is January 11.

Motion to adjourn at 8:17 p.m.

First Abby

Second Barry

All in favor.