September 2016 Minutes  
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September 6, 2016 - Special Board Meeting

Members Attending: Tim G.,Susan S., Norm G.,Diane G.,Joan K., Janice A., Abby O., Dick F.,Allen G.,Dan A.,Liz H., Eric D., Barbara R., Chuck Kyle,

Non-Board Member Attending: Dennis P.

As this was a special board meeting, no previous minutes were reviewed and no report from the treasurer was distributed.

The agenda included:

Club Bylaws and Policies

Criminal History Background Checks Policy and Procedures

Shooting Star Fund

Madison K-Kids

New Member Applications

It was necessary to meet early in Sept to give results of the meeting to the membership to vote on. Bylaws and policy changes will be presented at the Sep 14th meeting and voted on two weeks later at the Sep 28th meeting. Once approved Barbara R. will edit the document and submit to KI.

Tim was thanked for arranging the dinner at the Red Jacket on short notice.

Club Bylaws and Policies

Barbara R. presented a 12 page document which includes our bylawas and policies. There were no changes to the boilerplate bylaws suggested by Kiwanis International. The club specific policies in sections A thru M from page 6 to page 12 were the subject of the meeting.

Section A - refers to dues structure. Janice A. passed around a sheet on how dues amounts currently paid by singles and couples affects our bottom line. The members reviewed the suggestions made by KI. Since the cost to the club is only $4 for granting a couple discount, the board decided to continue with current dues structure. Singles will continue to pay $125. Couples will continue to pay $200. A new member will pay a one time fee of $56 plus $10 per months for any months leading up to the next September. Members who are in arrears for dues and allow a six month lapse before rejoining will be charged the $50 fee that International requires for reinstatement.

The motion to continue with dues as is was made by Eric D. and seconded by Barbara R. All were in favor.

The motion to charge a new member $56 joining fee plus prorate the rest of the fee at $10 per month until the next September per member was made by Barbara R. and seconded by Dan A. All were in favor.

Secton B.-K. no changes made by board

Section L. Optional Policy: Special Membership Types

Add one sentence - Corporate memberships shall be at the discretion of the board.

Section M. Optional Policy: Additional Topics

remove the existing check beside no additional policy

add a check to indicate the addition of additional policy

New Policy Title is Criminal History Background Check

KI is now requiring all members who have any contact with children pass a criminal background check by a service called Safe Hiring Solutions every two years. Background checks by schools, police, hospitals and other organizations do not qualify. Checks cost $25 per person. For our club this means all K Family advisors as well as anyone who is going to transport children, work with them in coffee booth, chaperone all nighter events or chaperone conventions.

Motion made by Eric D. and seconded by Dan A. that all club members who interact with children will need a background check every two years and that the club will pay the expense. All in favor.

Section M will contain a written description of this new policy.

(At the September 14 Board Meeting, a Motion was made by Janice, seconded by Abby, and approved by all to amend the September 6 minutes to reflect this clarification limiting who needs to have their background checked.. All in favor.  -

Shooting Star Fund

For the past eight years, a group of private citizens have been raising money by holding dinners at their homes and each guest contributing what they would have spent in a restaurant to a special fund. The fund pays for gifts to children who are experiencing emotional issues, physical issues, or some other kind of hardships. Gifts awarded in the past include guitar lessons, a day of beauty, a trip to ball game, etc. all $500 or less.

This group of private citizens would like to turn over their fund (currently $8,000-$10,000) and have us become the administrators. The private citizens do not feel they can continue. The Shooting Star Fund would become a new project similar to the way Angels and Elves became a Kiwanis project years ago. The project committee would report back to the board quarterly. Requests for help would come in primarily through the schools but anyone who knows a child in need could make a request to the club. Any amounts above $500 would come to the MWV Board for approval.

Motion made by Chuck K. and seconded by Diane G. to agree to take in this project and have a committe composed of Liz (chair) along with Darlene, Kacy, Maura and Del to administrate the funds. All in favor.

Madison K-Kids

The board has accepted chartering a group at the Madison School. Barbara and Barry will help with setup.

New Member Applications

Jerry Hughes was proposed for membership by his sponsor Liz Hughes.

Motion made by Dan and seconded by Barbara. All in favor.

Tina Craig was proposed for membership by her sponsor Barry Chisholm. Motion made by Dan and seconded by Barbara. All in favor.

Induction will be September 28.

Motion to adjourn at 7:30 by Eric and seconded by Tim. All in favor.





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